• What's the deal with facial oils?

    What’s The Deal With Facial Oils?

    By now you have seen all the facial oils flooding the skincare market. Have you added one to your skincare routine yet? Naturally packed with superstar ingredients like vitamin C, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, face oils penetrate the skin to help build and maintain a healthy lipid barrier. “The skin’s natural oil production decreases as we age, causing the moisture barrier to break down,” explains Noella Gabriel, beauty expert and co-founder of the skincare brand Elemis. When water is lost, the skin dries out, which can lead to both dehydration and increased oil production — the kind you’ll need to carry blotting papers for. Facial oils, however, help to…

  • What's Your Uniform | ruthdiamondconfidential.com

    What’s Your Go To Uniform?

    OK picture this because I know we have all been there… The alarm clock goes off, we hit snooze a few more times, and then finally bolt out of bed, delirious, running late, and stressed. Amid this frantic rush, we realize something terrifying: we’ve got nothing to wear! Or perhaps it strikes in the afternoon as you aimlessly pace around the living room checking Instagram for the umpteenth time, a big meeting or a night out with friends rapidly approaching. It can be nerve-wracking to look into your closet full of clothes and feel simply uninspired. Staring In Your Closet.. Now, a little encouragement by way of an admission of…

  • You Work From Home Wearing What | ruthdiamondconfidential.com

    You Work From Home Wearing What?

      Ok ladies; allow me to paint this picture for you… You wake up in the morning and toss on your fuzzy robe or yoga pants and oversize sweatshirt, grab your journal and shuffle into the kitchen to make the first cup of coffee. Amazing way to begin the day, reflecting, journaling, and getting your mind prepped for the busy day ahead. Morning routine tasks completed, you sit down at your workspace, switch on the laptop and begin working. You work diligently for a few hours and then you get a text from a client/friend/mentor you’ve been trying to schedule a meeting with. “Hey girl! My lunch date cancelled at…

  • Winter baths to soothe your soul
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    Warm, Winter Baths To Soothe Your Soul And Save Your Skin

    Wow, it is cold out! Yes I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now, but jeez, I just cannot get used to the bone-chilling, blustery days we’ve been having here in Midwest! When I am feeling cold and miserable, one of my favorite self-care rituals is sliding into a warm tub for a luxurious soak. But we’ve been told for years that a long, hot bath is a sure way to dry out your skin (same goes for long, hot showers!). Hot water strips your skin of its moisture, potentially leaving you with a case of the itchies. Still feel the need to soak? Read on for the best…